Welcome to the WhizBang Shufflers Home on the Web!
15-10-06 I've put up a few pages of photos from our farewell concert, if your interested in checking those out. There's also a couple there of Paul Bergman, who opened for us. Check it out in the 'Pictures' section.
12-07-06 Well, folks, that sad time has finally come. The WhizBang Shufflers are no more. At least temporarily. But if you want one last taste of that WBS sound, check the "Buy CDs" page. Our CD, "The WhizBang Shufflers Baffle the Bird of Death" is available for download there, all for free. Download it and burn yourself a copy. Then download the cover art and print that out so it all looks official. Thanks for your support, and maybe we'll see you again in a few years.

WhizBang Shufflers Final Concert / CD Emancipation!!!

Yes, folks, you heard right. Ben's leaving Winnipeg to go back to Kansas for a while so the Shufflers will be taking an extended hiatus. Our final hurrah will be at the Ellice Cafe and Theatre on Wed. July 12. Check out the 'Gigs' section for more info. And yes, we will be releasing our new CD at this event! Our CD is completely free of charge, and for this reason, supplies are very limited. But don't worry. If you don't get your own copy, you have our permission to burn a copy off of your friend, or just download the whole thing from our website. We'll be putting everything up for download after the final concert, so check back here then.
2-7-05 So, how many people thought that the WhizBangers had faded off into oblivion? I know I did. It's been nearly ten months since this site has been updated. We've been having a good time jamming together every week, but haven't spent much time playing around town. But we've got some shows coming up, so if you're interested, check out the 'gigs' section. We might try to put up some more new content soon, too. At least a few new pictures or something. Maybe a band bio. We'll see.
4-22-05 It's an update! Finally! There's some new stuff here. Check out the 'downloads' section to hear the new song we have there. It's our first song recorded in a real live recording studio! Also, be sure to check out the 'pictures' section for some new pics. It's like Christmas!

easter egg!